You are sure to be a winner when using our traditional sauces in any recipe.

Have you ever wished you could make classic Italian dishes that were delicious and healthy for your family? It can be easier than you might think. You don’t have to do a ton of prep work or slave over a hot stove for hours, simmering fresh vegetables and spices because we have done that for you! At Mama Yolanda’s Traditional Sauces®, we want every family to be able to easily enjoy everything from traditional Italian classics, such as lasagna and spaghetti with meatballs, to non-Italian dishes that our products will take to the next level.

We have customers who have used Mama Yolanda’s Traditional Sauces® as a base or featured ingredient in everything from Stuffed Green Peppers to Shrimp & Grits, Cajun Gumbo, Middle-Eastern Shakshuka, Cuban Ropa Vieja and even Polish Goląbki (stuffed cabbage rolls). Our sauces are VERY versatile! We also want to be a valuable resource for learning about recipes that ourfounder,ChefDarek W. Haupt, CEC has created. The recipes that Chef Haupt has shared on this website will have you putting dinner on the table with ease. Your family and dinner guests – and especially your taste buds – will think your creation was made in a Michelin-starred restaurant! Try his recipe for Mama Yolanda’s Calamari in Red Wine and Tomato Gravy, Mama Yolanda’s Stuffed Cabbage, or Mama Yolanda’s Shrimp & Grits a la Vodka for a memorable dinner. His recipes for Mama Yolanda’s Healthy Bolognese Sauce and Crystal’s Classic Penne a la Vodka will also be big hits. Note that we have graded each recipe as Easy, Intermediate or Advanced so that you know which part of the pool you’re jumping into before you dive in. That being said, even a novice cook can produce great results if you carefully follow the Prep and Method steps presented in each recipe.

Any of your own recipes that have Mama Yolanda’s Traditional Sauces® as the base are sure to be a winner. As one of our customers stated, our Authentic Italian Tomato Gravy is, “Absolutely the very BEST marinara I’ve ever tasted. Perfectly balanced with surprising depth of flavor. Great job, Chef Darek! Once people try this, they’ll be blown away that it comes from a jar.” (Paul C. of Venice, CA)

Obviously, a homemade meal is always the better option over processed, packaged and mass-produced products when you want a healthy option for your family. Mama Yolanda’s Traditional Sauces® are made with the finest and freshest ingredients. So, whether you use one of our recipes or create your own masterpiece, you’ll feel good about each and every meal you make for your family and dinner guests.


Mama Yolanda's Healthy Bolognese Sauce

Mama Yolanda’s Calamari in Red Wine and Tomato Gravy

Crystal's Classic Penne a la Vodka

Mama Yolanda's Shrimp & Grits a la Vodka

Mama Yolanda's Stuffed Cabbage

Mama Yolanda’s North End Boston Chili

Mama Yolanda's Stuffed Cabbage

Mama Yolanda's Easy Neapolitan Meatballs