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The best pasta sauce recipes remain true to old-world methods and use the finest ingredients.

Mama Yolanda’s Traditional Sauces® (MYTS) was founded by Darek W. Haupt, CEC in 2014 after a 30-year career as an executive chef specializing in Italian haute cuisine. During this time, he was tutored in “peasant cuisine” by a first-generation Italian grandma named Yolanda who helped him understand the origin and preparation of the foods he grew up enjoying as a boy. The name of our company is an homage to this fine woman. The original sauce recipes produced by MYTS were developed over many years as a result of this tutelage.

Mr. Haupt grew up with two brothers in a semi-rural northern New Jersey village that was almost entirely of Italian descent. The ladies who managed these multi-generational households always had fresh, homemade dishes which they liberally shared with these German-Welsh boys and their parents. They established an appreciation of this cuisine that would be the foundation of Mr. Haupt’s culinary journey, which would ultimately take him to the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park, NY where he graduated with honors.

MYTS is a North Carolina-based, family-owned company that was originally founded in 2014 in New Jersey. Since one of our owners is paraplegic, the family recently relocated from New Jersey to the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area because of its advanced availability of Paralympic-type sporting activities and world-class medical facilities. Our business was reincorporated as a North Carolina company in late summer of 2019. Our ultimate goal is to produce a wide array of high-quality, American-sourced-and-made sauces and associated goods that are sold on supermarket and big box store shelves across the United States.

Our company tagline is “No Artificial Anything”. We never add sugar to our sauces in any form, and all our flavor comes from wholesome, natural ingredients. The three grams of sugar in each serving of Authentic Italian Tomato Gravy and Classic Vodka Sauce are natural by-products from the onions and carrots.

Please email info@mamayolandas.com with any questions about our products and our business. Thank you!


“Mama Yolanda's takes me back to fond childhood memories of my Italian grandmother's homemade sauce. It makes any favorite dish--baked ziti, lasagna, eggplant parmigiana--even more special. ”

P. Zazzara, Alexandria, VA

“My family absolutely loves this sauce. I was never a fan of “jarred” sauce because it always had to add so many ingredients to make it taste halfway decent; but this tastes just like I made it myself! I don’t have to add not one herb to make it taste better because it is already so delicious! Not to mention the fact that the ingredients are fresh, with nothing artificial. This is the only sauce we use!”

S. Papageorgio, Mooresville, NC

“Tried this sauce (gravy) and can say I haven't had sauce this good since getting homemade sauce from a friend. Definitely better than the name brand, store bought. A quick read of the ingredients lets you know you are getting quality with no unnecessary fillers”

A. Ramos, Mooresville, NC

“The vodka sauce is great... I use it for ziti and tortellini and have gone through 4 jars in the past month. The ingredients are simple and delicious.”

Mike S.

Mama Yolanda's sauce is our family's favorite! We first tried it when our youngest child was 2 and SUPER picky. She gobbled up her spaghetti and wanted more! We now eat it on a variety of foods at least once a week. It's authentic, healthy and flavorful. It's the best!!”

Jenn W., State College, PA

“Mama Yolanda’s tomato gravy is simply delicious. With quality Italian ingredients, the flavor is fresh and authentic. We love it!”

M. Papa, Sparta, NJ

“Mama Yolanda’s Sauce is the absolute best spaghetti sauce I have ever had! It’s just as good, if not better than the marinara sauces I indulged in when eating my way around Italy. This sauce truly captures the authentic taste of what spaghetti sauce should taste like!”

Linda C. Port Hueneme, CA

“Once you have Mama Yolanda’s you will never want to have another spaghetti sauce out there (or even bother making your own)! I live on the West Coast where we don’t have it yet so I have considered planning my next trip to North Carolina where I can buy a few cases. I am not kidding.”

D. Lee, Ojai, CA

“I follow a strict keto diet and finding a spaghetti sauce that not only tastes great but has no sugar was impossible until I came across Mama Yolanda’s. The natural sweetness from fresh vegetables really comes through and leaves me feeling completely satisfied. You will never want to eat spaghetti sauce with sugar again.”

Ana C. Palm Desert, CA